At East Coast Coast Security Systems Greenville, NC and Washington, NC, we understand that with nice weather comes more knocks on the door. According to our records, more and more day to day sales of every nature happen when the weather is warm. Sometimes you can check your security systems camera to ignore the knock, and other times you hope for the best and swing your door right open. Your safest bet for not having to pay knock, knock who’s there all season long is to be on your guard at all times. With alarm systems, advanced security cameras, 24-hour surveillance, security monitoring, and other cool features – you can get the protection you need for your family or office without having to wonder what is on the other side of that door bell.

Also, keep in mind that we are on your side. Tips for handling the door knocker season include the following:

Do Not Feel Pressured: whether you are Netflix binging or working from home, do not feel obligated to buy anything from a demanding sales representative. No one deserves to be panhandled to the point that they do not want to give at all.

Beware of Charity: who does not want to give back to charity? If you are in the right mood on some, warm and fuzzy feeling day, you might feel inspired to donate to one. However, if you ask for proof of the charity or inform the person that you will donate online and they do not like it – think again before paying them.

Avoid Door Signing: your signature is unique to you for a reason. Make sure you give yourself some time to review any contracts before you sign them. Also, keep in mind the details of your existing security systems Greenville, NC service as any new contract could interfere with it.

Keep the Door Shut: it is not unacceptable to leave your door unanswered. If you have no idea who it could be and you want to completely avoid the risk, let them knock and ring the doorbell. Stranger danger is as true for an adult as it is for children.

The mission of East Coast Security is to help protect you, your home, or your other properties. We do by installing the software and systems you need to detect who is knocking at your door and when. Get what you need for door knocker season from East Coast Security today.