Yes, We Can Monitor Your Existing System!

Switch Your Alarm Monitoring

Are you unhappy with the cost or service from your current alarm company, or do you already have an existing system in your home that just needs to be activated? We can help.
Are you tired of pressing 1 for English, being put on hold after navigating through an automated system just to leave a message at the sound of the beep? We can help.
We have real people that will answer you call. Real people that will ask you for your name instead of your account number.
We can monitor almost any system installed by another company. As a part of our system takover service, you will receive:
* System Test
* System operation review
* Address all of your security concerns
* Yard signs & decals for your windows and doors
* Competitve Rates

We pride ourselves on on providing the personal security and dedication that you are looking for…at a cost that you can afford.


  • Alertness – Being safe even when you are not at home or in the office means more than locking the doors and windows. It also means installing a safety system that constantly keeps you updated and alert.
  • Not Alone – Whether you live by yourself or with your family, it makes sense to have a security system. If you live alone, you might feel safer knowing there is a security system in place that has your back. If you live with your family, then their safety becomes as equally important as yours. Either way, you are not alone when you choose security systems in Williamston, NC.
  • Prevention – Putting it simply, the world is a dangerous place. Yet having a residential or commercial security system helps your world feel a bit safer. With the proper security system, you could help prevent future burglaries.
  • Control – When you install a Security System in Williamston, NC with East Coast Security, you can gain access control to your home. That means you can take charge of your own safety, which we care about as much as you do.
  • Privacy – If there is an unsecured property you own, you can increase its security with a system that prevents unwanted trespassers from settling down in it.
  • Lock Down – Yet another benefit is that your Williamston, NC security systems could help authorities lock down criminals. After all, if a person tried beaming-and-entering once, they will likely try it again.
  • Permission – When you install a security system in Williamston, NC, you have the power to grant certain individuals permission to enter or to not enter your property. Whether you have housekeepers or residents that are always in-and-out of your door, there is a security system that allows you to choose who you can trust.
  • Options – There are countless ways to secure your residential or commercial properties. East Coast Security, for instance, offers alarm monitoring, fire alarms, video surveillance, and more to ensure you find what you need.
  • Credibility – When you have more than 45 years of experience, credibility is not an issue. The benefit of installing a security system with experts is that you do not have to question whether or not you are making the right decision when it comes to your safety.
  • Trust – No matter where you live or where you operate your business, there is always that one shady character that comes along just to make you question your safety. With an advanced¬† security system, you learn very quickly who you can or cannot trust.


Now you know some of the greatest benefits of owning a security system you can rely on, you can take meaningful action towards building your safety. Call or email East Coast Security Systems today.