At East Coast Security Systems, we’re committed to providing the security systems in Greenville, NC you need to protect your home and your business. For over 45 years, we have been building lasting relationships with home owners, businesses, educational facilities, industries and health care organizations throughout eastern North Carolina. Because of that, we know a lot about home security. We’d love to pass some of that information to you. So here’s a handy guide to the basics of home security.

The three main elements all alarm systems have fallen into three categories: detect, determine, and deter. Alarm systems can detect motion, broken glass, heat, water, and shock. They can determine whether or not an alarm trigger warrants emergency service. Then they can deter burglars in the event of a break-in. These aspects make the “3 Ds” of Security Systems in Greenville, NC.

1. Detect

First and foremost, it’s important to choose a security system that detects suspicious behavior on your property. From detecting motion and broken class to surveillance of your property, we can help you with a system that can sense if anything is wrong. In addition, many security systems also detect fire and other home disasters to keep you safe. Without this detection, your goods can be damaged, stolen, and there could be even greater damage.

2. Determine

With our chaotic lives, it’s common to hard time maintaining and monitoring it with your current security systems. At East Coast Security, we will determine your options and likely do the video monitoring for you. We can also assist you with installing and maintaining an alarm system that determines whether or not you need emergency services.

3. Deter

Perhaps most importantly, you want to make sure criminals don’t want to target your home in the first place. Knowing that you have a strong security system will deter criminals. From signage to visible security cameras, by partnering with East Coast Security, you can scare away criminals before they even consider a break in.

To accomplish these goals, here are a few suggestions:

Get Deadbolt Locks

As a rule of thumb, deadbolts should be the primary lock on your exterior doors. Make sure that the throw bolt, which is the part that enters the door frame, extends deep into the frame for maximum safety. In addition, check your window locks to make sure they’re working properly. Older windows can become misaligned, which prevents locks from setting properly.

Install Security Cameras Whether They Function or Not

If you set up security cameras to record key areas around your home, they can act as a deterrent. Cameras connected to your computer and wireless networks can record to your computer for view later or can be viewed live via the internet. You can also set up fake cameras for fooling criminals, but make sure these are checked periodically. A fake camera that’s tilted the wrong way or hanging off its mount won’t be very convincing to potential burglars.

Use Motion Lights to Scare Potential Thefts

A great way to spook a potential burglar is by implementing motion lights. Lights with motion sensors can be placed at strategic locations on the exterior of your home to light up dark areas at night. As soon as someone passes the area, these lights will shine bright, which will alert you and startle burglars. If you already have motion lights, make sure they’re up to date and working.

Ready to Get Started?

Our security systems in Washington, NC, Williamston, and Eastern NC alarms have been protected homes, schools, and businesses for very many years. If you are in the market for quality security systems installed by experts, then you have come to the right team. Because you never know when burglary crimes will strike your family or employees, it is important to be safe rather than sorry. Secure your home with the security systems team at East Coast Security today. If you’re ready to get started, request a quote.