Beyond a security systems, one tool that can help keep your Greensville, NC home safe is a good set of security cameras. Of course that brings up its own set of questions:

  • Should I go wired or wireless?
  • How well should I hide it?
  • Which type and how many should I have?

To know what camera is right for you, it’s important to know what types of cameras you can choose from. To help with that, here are 4 types of security cameras defined, so you can make an informed decision.

1. Infrared

If you need round the clock surveillance, these are the cameras for you. Whether for dark nights or blinding daylight, they produce a clear, color picture that can be trusted and referred to by you and the authorities. If you’re interested in monitoring an area that is not always totally lit, this is the best way to monitor that.

2. Dome

Contained within a dome, the camera can tilt and move less noticeably and it also produces a high quality image. Within that dome housing, it is also unclear to potential intruders what direction the camera is facing. That may deter burglars because they will not know which way the camera is pointing and what blindspots to be aware of.

3. Probox

With this kind of camera, you can change the lens for the angle and depth perception needed for the area you need surveillance for. Because of that, these are also called “Day to Night” cameras because they shoot black and white during the day and switch to low light surveillance at night. This makes it an adaptable camera for a space that has darkness like the infrared, but without the need for color surveillance.

4. Tilt Zoom

Tilt Zoom cameras are also often housed in dome frames. They do require one additional cable for operation but these cameras can be operated over the internet. That means that with these you have the power to monitor and control the zoom and tilt remotely. This gives you control and access when you really need to keep an area safe.

What Else Is There to Know?

In addition, it’s important to know whether you need wired and unwired cameras. While unwired cameras are easier to hide, they often have a lower quality image quality. Wired cameras occupy the majority of cameras we’ve talked about and have a better image quality. Though, they are often more noticeable.

Whatever kind of camera you get to aid the security system of your Greenville, NC home or office, make sure to include East Coast Security Systems in your process. We can not only help you in camera selection, but assist you in our monitoring services. Contact us today for a quote.