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At a certain age, most of us begin to leave our children at home while we go out to run errands or attend appointments and meetings. The age at which you leave your child is a personal choice, but once you do make that decision, it’s important you take steps in advance to ensure their safety while they’re home alone.

One great way to give yourself peace of mind and make sure your child is safe is to install a security system. Many security systems these days can notify you when your child gets home and can even let you monitor them on video.
Before you begin leaving your child at home alone, it’s also smart to come up with an emergency plan. Leave them a paper with important numbers to call. Show them where first aid items are, and show them what they should do in different scenarios. Go over these plans with your child and have them practice them on a regular basis.

In today’s day and age, it’s also important to discuss internet safety with your children. Going online can put your child in danger, both when you’re at home and away. Teach them not to talk to strangers on the internet or to post any of their personal information anywhere.

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