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When it comes to our commercial clients, especially those in the retail business, shoplifting is a security epidemic. This issue plagues businesses nationwide, costing them millions of dollars in losses each year.

Security cameras are an effective way to cut down on shoplifting. The presence of security cameras will help to scare away the wary shoplifter from stealing in the first place. And, if a theft does take place, security camera footage can provide evidence against suspected shoplifters.

Another way to help reduce shoplifting is to encourage awareness amongst your employees. Make it a company policy that employees walk around the store, or their area of the store, talking with customers and monitoring the store. Not only will this encourage employees to provide quality customer service, it will also help reduce the incidents of shoplifting.

An organized store also helps reduce shoplifting incidents. When everything has its own place, missing items are easier to notice, making it more difficult to get away with theft. Encourage employees to pick up and replace any items that may have been moved from their designated areas to help keep the store in order.

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