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While landscaping is great for adding style and privacy to your home, it is also provide hiding spaces for potential burglars. That’s why it’s important to be mindful of what you plant and where you plant it.
If you plant trees or shrubs near a window, you want to be sure to keep them trimmed so that the windows are in plain sight. Otherwise, this provides an easy cover to burglars to break into your windows without anyone noticing.
There are even plants that provide their own level of security. For example, planting rose bushes beneath windows means that burglars will have to get through a thorny mess first if they want to reach your windows. Vines that contain thorns, such as blackberry vines, are great to plant on your fences for extra security as they will wrap around your fences and discourage potential burglars from climbing them; in addition to that blackberry vines produce seasonal fruit that you can enjoy!
When it comes to your lawn, an unmowed, unkempt lawn is a tell-tale sign to a potential burglar that you are away on vacation. So, before you go on a trip, be sure to mow your lawn. If you plan to be gone for a while, hire a landscaping service or ask a neighbor to mow your lawn for you while you are away.
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