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If you’re looking to increase the security at your home or business, a security camera can be an excellent addition to your security system. There are a number of types of security cameras available to fit whatever your unique security needs may be. Here’s a quick run-down from Electronic House on the common types of security cameras out there:

There are three main types of security cameras: fixed, PTZ, and 360-degree.

  • Fixed cameras stay in one position, depending on where you choose to position the camera; this type of camera is ideal for ATMs or front doors, where you want to keep the camera focused on one central location.
  • PTZ cameras, or pan/tilt/zoom cameras, can move and focus in on a particular subject; you can control these cameras remotely or set them to patrol an area automatically. These cameras are great if you want to be able to monitor a larger area like your yard of a parking lot.
  • 360-degree cameras are made up of several fixed cameras that are put together to create a 360-degree image. These are best for areas where you will have few objects to obstruct the camera’s view, such as an outdoor area.

Aside from various types of cameras, security cameras also come in a variety of camera housing. If you are planning to use your camera outdoors, you will want to make sure to house it in something that is weather resistant. Common camera housings include dome, bullet, and discreet. Each has its own advantage: dome makes it obscures the camera’s orientation to the passerby; the bullet camera makes its orientation clear, but it is also able to give a high-resolution image to the owner; discreet housings allow owners to hide cameras in undetectable areas.

Also, depending on your security needs, security cameras come with various features such as night and day capabilities or cameras with high resolution.

For all of your security needs, including help picking out the right security camera for you, give us a call at East Coast Security Systems in Washington, NC.