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3 Fire Prevention Tips l Security Systems Washington, NC

East Coast Security Systems provides both residential and commercial security systems to our clients in Washington, NC, and Greenville, NC. As a part of our alarm monitoring system, we will alert the authorities if there is a fire at your home or place of business.... read more

Commercial Security 101 l Security Systems Greenville, NC

At East Coast Security Systems, we provide both commercial and residential security systems for eastern North Carolina. If you are a business owner and are considering installing a security system, here are some facts you should know about the commercial security... read more

What Burglars Look For | Security Systems Washington, NC

Do you even wonder what makes you an easy target for burglars? At East Coast Security Systems, we want to prevent our clients in Washington, NC, Outer Banks, NC, and Elizabeth City, NC from ever having to experience being burglarized. Here is a list of some things... read more

Safety Tips for Seniors | Security Systems Washington, NC

At East Coast Security Systems, we want our clients of all ages in Washington, NC, Outerbanks, NC, and Washington, NC to feel safe and secure. Because property crime is the second largest crime committed against seniors, we wanted to address this issue and provide... read more