East Coast Security Systems provides residential and commercial security systems in Greenville, NC. It is our top priority to keep your home and your business safe. A common point of entry for burglars is unlocked or damaged windows. Here are some signs that you might need to replace your windows:

  • Signs that your windows are damaged include windows that stick when you try to open them, windows that won’t stay open, and windows that fog up easily.
  • Most windows last about 20 years. Coastal areas put more wear and tear on windows, so windows may last less than 20 years in those areas.
  • If you notice that your energy bills are higher than they should be, your windows might be letting out the cold and warm air in your house. A good way to test this to hold a candle by your window and if it flickers, your windows might be letting drafts in.

If your windows are faulty or old, replacing them will not only save you money, it will keep your house more secure. For all of your security system needs in eastern NC, contact us at East Coast Security Systems. For more information on replacing your windows, visit Centra Window’s article on the topic.