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With the holiday season just around the corner, people are picking out their Christmas trees, baking cookies, and stringing up bright lights. Unfortunately, many of these holiday activities put your home at an increased risk for fire. So, here are some safety tips from House Logic to help prevent a home fire during this holiday season:

  • Cooking during the holiday season is the top cause for fires during this time of year. If you are cooking, be sure to keep an eye on everything you are making. If you know you will get distracted, ask someone else in the home to keep an eye out for you as well. If you plan on deep frying your turkey, do this outside and away from your home or any trees.
  • Candles are another culprit for holiday house fires. Place candles at least a foot away from anything else and always put them on a sturdy surface out of the reach of children and pets. Before you leave the home or go to bed, be sure to check that all candles have been extinguished.
  • Real Christmas trees are highly flammable. One preventative measure you can take is to water your tree daily– this makes it nearly impossible to ignite. After the holiday season, be sure to dispose of your tree, because a dried out tree poses an even greater fire risk.
  • When you are hanging Christmas lights, be sure that all of the wires are intact and in pristine condition. Frayed or damaged wires can create sparks and cause a fire. The same goes for any extension cords that you may be using for your Christmas lights.

This holiday season, stay safe and enjoy yourself. For all of your security system needs, contact us at East Coast Security Systems in Greenville, NC.