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With online shopping becoming more and more popular, the postal delivers are busier than ever. Most of the time these gifts get delivered in the middle of the work day when no one is home. That means that many porches and front doors have packages sitting outside on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this has created a new generation of thieves who steal mail from people’s homes.
One way to avoid front porch thieves is to have your packages delivered to your work place. That way, they won’t be sitting outside unattended all day while you are a work.
If you are going away for the weekend, ask a neighbor or friend to come by and pick up any packages off of the porch for you.
With many mail delivery companies, you can choose the option to sign for a package. So, if you have a day or time during the week when you will be home to sign, this could be a great option for you.
Another option that’s becoming more popular is to install a security camera on your porch. The sight of this camera could deter potential criminals. If it doesn’t, it can capture them in the act so you have evidence of their misdeeds for the police.
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